Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) – When & Where To Buy It

Table of Contents The Basics Types of PPI Policy Details Excess Periods Payment Length Employment Sickness & Accidents Price & Protection Alternative Approaches Other Considerations Mention PPI to a random person on the street and their mind will invariably turn to the scandal that was the mis-selling of policies to customers from the 1990s onwards […]

Life Insurance Advice
Life Insurance Advice

Although it’s not something any of us like to dwell on, there will inevitably come a time when you can’t be there to provide for your loved ones. Taking the time to make sure arrangements are in place to ensure they’ll be provided for once you’ve gone can provide you with peace of mind and […]

How Can I Save On My Car Insurance?
car insurance costs

Though prices have fallen in recent years, car insurance is still a real drain on finances, and it has often been suggested that the industry offers consumers pretty poor value for money. Seeing as the competition between insurers isn’t providing us with the most spectacular of deals, we need to be savvy to make sure […]

Reducing the Cost of Car Insurance for Under 25s

Though not quite as extortionate as they once were, car insurance premiums for young people can still be prohibitively expensive. However, there are a number of ways you can keep costs down. In this article we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. […]

Answering Your Questions On Income Protection Insurance
income protection insurance

It may be that you have concerns over what would be the effects on your life if you lost your income. They might, in fact, be severe and that is why companies such as Drewberry Income Protection offer income protection insurance policies. The whole area does generate concerns though and here is some further information […]

Building Indemnity Insurance

What is Indemnity Insurance? We all know that being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities, from making your mortgage payments, to keeping your property in good repair. However, sometimes when buying a home it’s possible that you might be taking on responsibility for more than you bargained for… By taking over the deeds […]

Funeral Costs: A Handy Breakdown

To ensure that your family can cover the costs of your funeral, it is worth considering a prepaid funeral plan. If this is something you’d be interested in, we highly recommend the Peace Of Mind Plan so visit them today by clicking the link. It’s not something any of us want to think about, but […]

Guide To Critical Illness Cover & Why You Need It

Critical illness insurance, like any other insurance, is designed to help ease the burden of a financial crisis in the case of a severe illness diagnosis or disability. For many, the prospect of no longer being able to work and needing to finance specialist equipment and/or help could seem like a frightening prospect, especially if […]

The Flexibility of Prepaid Funeral Plans
prepaid funeral plans

For great value funeral plans from just £10 per month, visit the Peace Of Mind Plan website today. With an estimated 30 million adults in the UK having no will in place*, it’s clear that thinking about death is not a palatable prospect. It’s not just a lack of wills that can create problems when […]

A Guide to Mobile Phone Insurance
mobile phone insurance

Insuring your mobile phone is not always a straight forward affair and there are a number of issues you need to consider before picking out a policy which will suit you. Our guide aims to shed some light on the process and answer all your questions. Do I Need Mobile Phone Insurance? Whilst insurance policies […]

A Guide to Wedding Insurance
wedding insurance

You’re stood there, just about to take that first step of the long walk down the isle when, as you look out towards all your friends and family the first stirring notes of Felix Mendelssohn’s wedding march start up, conjuring up a whirlwind of butterflies in your stomach. Whatever nervous thoughts you have running through […]

Home Insurance
Home Insurance Quotes

Table of Contents Building or Dwelling Insurance Contents Insurance When Home Insurance Gets Complicated Why Buy Central Heating Insurance For Your Home? Ways To Protect Garden Possessions When You’re Away Homeowners buy home insurance so they can protect themselves against major financial losses if an event were to damage their houses or the contents in […]