Should I Get A Pension Or A Mortgage

As a young person, unless you have progressed to the higher pay echelons quickly, you will have a limited amount of money left over each month after paying the typical expenses such as rent, food, utilities and travel. Despite this, you are being given messages about the importance of both getting on the property ladder, […]

Can I Cash In My Pension?
Cash In Pension

This is a very in-depth look at the ways that you might be able to cash in some or all of your pension, but it is quite a technical subject which is why we always recommend that you seek independent, expert advice before doing anything. There are lots of companies that might offer help, but, […]

Buying Shares Online

There is hardly a single industry on earth that has not been impacted by the ever increasing importance of the internet. Almost all products, even those which were previously hard to come across, can now be found online and purchased, normally at a significantly lower price than you might have paid elsewhere. The world of […]

What Shares Should I Be Buying in 2014?
2014 share tips

The transition between calendar years is typically when people stop, take stock, look forward and project. Financial commentators are no different, and, though the year is only a couple of days old, we’re already being flooded by a bewildering array of investment tips that are supposedly going to prove themselves as winners in the twelve […]

Unit Trusts – Are They The Investment For You?
unit trusts

When looking for areas to invest in, you may have come across a type of investment called a unit trust, operated by financial service companies. This collective investment scheme may sound like a charity but it is, in fact, actually a great investment opportunity for all kinds of people. Unit trusts offer relatively few complications […]

How Should I Save For My Grandchildren?

With things looking tougher than ever for young people struggling to become financially independent, setting some funds aside for your grandchildren’s future could help make a real difference. When it comes to selecting a method of growing your capital, grandparents are somewhat spoiled for choice. Whilst this means you’ll ultimately be able to go with […]

How Can I Keep Divorce Costs Down?

Unfortunately, as well as being a highly emotional process, getting a divorce can also become a financial burden, costing, on average, well in excess of a £1,000. Depending on individual circumstances this figure can end up much higher but, by the same token, it is also possible to spend significantly less than this. Here we […]

Spread Betting Training Guide
spread betting training

What Is Financial Spread Betting? Spread betting involves speculating on the direction of a financial asset. That asset could be a share, commodity, index or option. With spread betting you do not actually purchase the financial asset you are speculating on. The spread bet is a derivative of the underlying asset. If you correctly predict […]

What First Time Buyer Schemes Are Available To Me?

Getting on to the property ladder is now spectacularly difficult. Indeed, according to recent research the combination of high house prices, stagnant wages, the spiralling cost of living and the minuscule interest rates offered on savings means that it takes most people close to a decade to save the £31,000 needed to raise the average […]

How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

If you’re moving house you’re probably not expecting it to be cheap. Unfortunately, the colossal commitment of a mortgage is only one in a long list of expenses you’ll have to face in order to move up (or even down) the property ladder. Extra costs can easily run into five figures and it’s vital you […]

How Will Pension Auto-Enrolment Work?

With life expectancies continually rising there are fears that many of us are not setting enough to see us through our post-retirement lives. To try and ensure that people won’t come to the end of their careers with insufficient savings to get by, the government are introducing auto-enrolment pensions. As the name suggests, auto-enrolment pensions […]

3 Reasons To Use A Wealth Management Company
wealth management company

If you have money sitting in a bank right now then the chances are it is earning you very little in the way of a return because interest rates are at historically low levels so it might be time to consider the services of a wealth or asset management company who can invest on your […]

A Starter’s Guide to Investing
investing for beginners

Choosing to invest your own money is a decision that should not be made lightly. Sure grabbing a piece of stock market action can be tempting for many new investors, but these tantalising rewards come with a high element of risk. A Few Things to Consider 1. What are your financial goals? Make sure that […]

Can You Be a Part Time Forex Trader And Still Make Good Money?

It is fair to say that when most people think of forex traders doing business, they imagine them being glued to their monitors watching every single market move but does it have to be this way? Obviously some traders do work this way, especially if they are partial to a bit of day trading where […]

Different Approaches to Trading

For those involved, spread betting and CFD trading can be pretty hectic. You have to constantly keep with developments in share prices and reports on the performance of companies whose stock you’ve bet on. If you’re spread betting on the performance of an entire stock exchange like the FTSE 100 or the XETRA DAX, the […]

Fund Management

What is Fund Management? Fund management or investment management as it is more commonly called is a form of professional management of various securities such as shares, bonds, or other stocks as well as assets such a vehicles or real estate which meet the specific goals of the investors, which can be insurance companies, pension […]


What is a pension? A pension is an amount of money rewarded to an individual based on his or her working experience. These pensions are usually issued by companies in which the employee worked for during a specific period of time, though pensions can also be issued by insurance companies, trade unions, or the government […]


What are Bonds? A bond is a debt security means where the person or company that issues the bond owns the bond holder’s debt. Basically, a bond is a financial contract between the issuer and the bond holder with the agreement to pay money back with interest at scheduled, fixed intervals. A bond is essentially […]


Stockbrokers trade shares and other securities on behalf of investors. They are professionals working in a regulated industry generally known as the “stock market.” Only a stockbroker can execute transactions at a stock exchange, a location where stock trading occurs. So an investor must use a stockbroker to buy or sell shares of any kind. […]