How to find out if you have a PPI claim
how to know if you're owed PPI

Table of Contents What Is PPI? Who Can Make A Claim? How Long Does A PPI Claim Take? Should I Go It Alone? As the total compensation figure for mis-sold PPI cover tops £13 billion; millions of UK households are reaping the benefits of digging out their paperwork and making a claim. What is PPI? […]

Can I Contest A Parking Ticket?
contest a parking ticket

It’s the end of the month. You’re looking like you’ll just about scrape through to your next payday with all your bills paid on time, just so long as nothing unexpected comes up. Thanks to the cruel way the universe works this is invariably the exact time that you’ll find yourself picking up a parking […]

How Do I Avoid Premium Rate Phone Numbers?
premium rate phone numbers

Phone bills are expensive enough at the best of times, but not all numbers are created equal. Premium rate numbers will cost you dearly. Fortunately, they are easy enough to spot. The main offenders start thus; 0870 0845 0871 0872 0844 0843 All of these can end up costing you close to 20p a minute. […]

Where Can I Get Help Paying Court Fees?

Court fees can pose a problem to anyone struggling financially who needs to pay for court action. Unfortunately, this can create something of a ‘catch 22’ situation as often the work of the court is needed precisely because of individual’s money problems. For instance, you have to be able to pay a court fee to […]

How Do I Go About Reclaiming Bank Charges?

Whilst certainly not as easy as it once was, it’s still possible to reclaim substantial amounts of money you may have paid in unfair bank charges, such as penalties for exceeding your overdraft limit or bounced cheques – especially if you’re suffering with financial hardship. The reclaiming process is both free and easy, meaning that, […]

Filing a Medical Negligence Claim against Today’s NHS
medical negligence claims

Advertising Feature It is expected that the NHS will receive even more negligence complaints following the muddying of its reputation caused by the Stafford Hospital scandal. Doubt over the validity of such claims will naturally begin to surface – and rightly so to an extent. Still, it is the genuine victims of medical malpractice who […]

How Do I Get a Tax Rebate?

If you’re looking at ways to improve your financial situation you’ll probably be focused on either finding new ways of cutting back your spending, or bringing in more cash. However, you should never overlook the possibility that you’re already owed money. From reclaiming mis-sold PPI to simply calling in old debts, gathering in these funds […]

What Are Conditional Fee Agreements?
conditional fee agreements

Legal work can be massively expensive. Unfortunately, often those most in need of help and advice are the least well placed to meet such costs. Indeed, aside from the stress of the case itself, the cost of litigation is one of the biggest concerns for anyone who finds themselves in a position where they need […]

Whiplash Compensation Guide
whiplash injury compensation

Table of Contents What Counts as Whiplash? How Much Will I Receive? How do I go About Claiming Compensation? Making a claim for whiplash compensation isn’t always as easy as the popular media lead us to believe. There’s a wide range of things you should know before embarking on a claim, from how the severity […]