Equity Release Explained: Just How Does It Work?

If you own a property, either outright or with a small outstanding mortgage, you have a built up a store of equity that can be released to provide a lump sum, ongoing income, or both. This guide will aim to answer all of your burning questions regarding equity release starting from the basics and progressing […]

What Is Section 75 & How Does It Benefit Me?
Section 75 credit card protection

Section 75 is an incredibly useful piece of legislation as far as consumers are concerned. It means that your credit card company needs to step in and take responsibility if a purchase you make using your card ends up being a rum deal. For example, if the goods in question were not as advertised, or […]

Is A Debt Relief Order Right for Me?
debt relief order

A debt relief order (or DRO) could provide a path out of severe financial difficulties for people who find themselves with limited options. Like an IVA or bankruptcy, a DRO is a form of insolvency, but, in certain scenarios, it could work out as a cheaper way out of debt than either of those paths. […]

Serious Debt and Mental Health Issues
debt and mental illness

We all get stressed about money from time to time, but when you really feel your back is to the wall or that you’re peering down over the edge of a fiscal cliff it can have a severe impact on your mental health. All too often this can lead to a self perpetuating cycle whereby […]

Why Should I Credit Check?
credit check

Personal finance is an incredibly important aspect of life that needs to be controlled effectively if you want your money matters to run as smoothly as possible. While you may budget each month and put money aside for a rainy day, financial wellbeing involves much more than that and should ideally include a credit check […]

Protecting Yourself When Using Securities to Raise Finance

If your own assets such as a house or car, you may be tempted to make the most of them by releasing some of their value in the form of a secured loan. Offering such securities as collateral can make it easier to raise finance, whether you do this by taking out a loan secured […]

What Is A Bridging Loan And Is One Right For Me?

A bridging alone is essentially an advance, given by a lender to tide the borrower over until an expected source of income comes in. These days the term is most often used in reference to the purchase of property. Typically a bridging loan is used to facilitate a move between properties where a party has […]

Why Should I Use A Mortgage Broker?

When you’re looking to take your next step up the property ladder (or your first one for that matter) you’ll most likely to be looking for ways you can reduce the costs of moving house. That being the case, you may be tempted to disregard the notion of even considering getting a mortgage broker on […]

Master the Art of Stoozing

Generally speaking, the rate of interest we’re expected to pay on money we borrow far outstrips the rate we’re rewarded with for saving. This is the basic premise that allows lending institutions to turn a profit – they pay less to their investors than they recoup back from those they loan their money out to. […]

How Much Does it Cost to go Bankrupt?

Depending on your circumstances, bankruptcy can be, not only the quickest, but also the most cost effective way to tackle the burden of debts you can’t repay. As you can see a large portion of your outstanding debts written off in the space of just a year, bankruptcy is sometimes, financially speaking, not just a […]

IVA Or Bankruptcy? Which Is The Right Choice For Me?
IVA or bankruptcy

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of insolvency practitioners who include individual voluntary arrangements amongst their services, with IVAs fast becoming seen as a preferable option to bankruptcy for those with debts in excess of £15,000 who find themselves faced with the prospect of insolvency. Here we’ll explain how an IVA […]

How to Rebuild Your Credit Rating
rebuild your credit rating

Many people who have a history of irresponsible borrowing, spending or repayment are now stuck with a poor credit rating. This can seriously impair your ability to borrow in the future, enter into financial contracts with companies or even find a place to live. However there are a number of ways in which you can […]

Tenant Loans – Why is Applying Online a Good Idea?
tenant loans

What is a tenant loan? If you wish to take out a loan but you do not actually own the home in which you are living, you will likely need a tenant loan. This type of loan is suitable for those living at home with their parents or other family members, those who are living […]

Top Tips On How To Manage Your Credit Card
credit card statement

Credit cards provide an important source of financial aid to many people in modern society. Used properly, they can alleviate much of the financial strain placed upon families and individuals and are an effective way of organising your finances. However, there are a number of important rules, tips and tricks that ensure you use your […]

Assessing the True Cost of Payday Loans

The true cost of payday loans is one of the ticklish issues and critics of this type of short term loan cite the “exorbitant” APR off the bat to justify their position. The implication of arguments anchored on this annualised metrics is that payday lending companies are enjoying a windfall from such loans with high […]

How Can I Make Sure That I Have A Good Credit History?

Given the fragile state of the economy in recent years, a good credit rating is no longer just a nice-to-have – it’s a must. As a result, we often find ourselves asking the golden question: how can I check my credit rating? But what is a credit score? Simply speaking, they are three-digit numbers that […]

Low APR cards: your questions answered

It can be extremely difficult choosing the right credit card, what with there being so many competitors out there trying to gain your custom. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about credit cards. Are zero per cent balance transfers better than low APR cards? Not necessarily. Zero per cent transfers start with […]

Three Options for Car Finance

Car finance is something that many people go after. There are many different options available to you but the question is: which one is right for you? You need to take the time to search the different options and consider them all before applying for one of them. Financing a Car with a Loan This […]

Debt Solutions – Finding The Right One For Your Situation

Table of Contents Using Savings To Repay Debt Using A Loan To Repay Debt What Is A Debt Management Plan? How To Avoid Falling Into Further Debt Different debts need different solutions. Firstly, different debts would have different consequences if you had problems paying them. For example, falling behind on unsecured debt repayments (such as […]

Choosing A Credit Card
Choosing Between Credit Cards

There are so many things to think about when you are choosing a credit card whether it be 0% on balance transfer or purchases, a cashback card or low standard interest rate. This guide aims to be the complete guide when it comes to helping you choose the right credit card for your circumstances and requirements.

Prepaid Credit Cards
prepaid credit cards

Pre-paid cards are becoming ever more popular, but many people are in the dark as to their best uses, which consumers they best suit or how they actually work. Luckily, here at FinanceNet we’re able to shed some light on the matter. How Do They Work A pre-paid credit card works in much the same […]

Loans for People on Benefits

Living on benefits is never easy. Planning your life around the schedule of your benefit payments is inconvenient at the best of the times. Often it’s completely impossible. It’s a fact of life that, inevitably, we all meet with unexpected expenses from time to time. If this happens in-between your benefit payments things can get […]

Short Term Loans: The Different Options Open To You

Table of Contents Borrowing From a Credit Union Standard Payday Loans Cheque Based Payday Loans Logbook Loans Pawnbrokers It happens to the best of us and it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of but when you are facing a bit of a cash crisis, where should you turn to get the best deal on […]

Mortgage Guide

UK Mortgages There are two mortgage options available for individuals, these being the repayment plan or the interest only plan. Repayment Mortgage The repayment plan consists of monthly payments in order to pay back the borrowed amount as well as any interest that has been accrued. There are several advantages and disadvantages to the repayment […]