Not Every Little Actually Helps: How Understanding Supermarkets’ Sales Tactics Can Save You Money
save at supermarkets

There’s much more to doing a frugal weekly shop than going to one of the cheaper supermarkets and looking out for special offers. Indeed, to get a really great deal, you need to make canny shopping into an art form. After all, these businesses have poured millions into finding ways to get you to spend […]

What ROI Means For Your Personal Finances

You may have heard it said that, in life, you only get out what you put in. It is a nice thought but, if this were strictly true, it would be completely impossible for businesses to operate! After all, businesses only exist in order to make profit, and profit depends on getting out more than […]

What You Can Learn From Game Theory

Game theory is used to by mathematicians to calculate the best course of action to take in various strategic situations. At its most complex game theory can be used, not only by businesses and economists, but also social scientists, psychologists, philosophers and biologists. At its simplest, it’s something we can all make use of in […]

Opportunity Costs In Personal Finances

Opportunity costs apply to every single financial decision we ever make, yet very few of us understand the concept well enough to make the most of our cash. However, as always, some valuable lessons can be gleaned from a look at the way big businesses operate. What is an ‘Opportunity Cost’ Very simply, an ‘opportunity […]