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05 Mar 2024

Category: Investments


How Will Pension Auto-Enrolment Work? 

With life expectancies continually rising there are fears that many of us are not setting enough to see us through our post-retirement lives. To try and ensure that people won’t come to the end of their careers with insufficient savings to get by, the government…


A Starter’s Guide to Investing 

Choosing to invest your own money is a decision that should not be made lightly. Sure grabbing a piece of stock market action can be tempting for many new investors, but these tantalising rewards come with a high element of risk. A Few Things to…


Different Approaches to Trading 

For those involved, spread betting and CFD trading can be pretty hectic. You have to constantly keep with developments in share prices and reports on the performance of companies whose stock you’ve bet on. If you’re spread betting on the performance of an entire stock…


Fund Management 

What is Fund Management? Fund management or investment management as it is more commonly called is a form of professional management of various securities such as shares, bonds, or other stocks as well as assets such a vehicles or real estate which meet the specific…



What is a pension? A pension is an amount of money rewarded to an individual based on his or her working experience. These pensions are usually issued by companies in which the employee worked for during a specific period of time, though pensions can also…



What are Bonds? A bond is a debt security means where the person or company that issues the bond owns the bond holder’s debt. Basically, a bond is a financial contract between the issuer and the bond holder with the agreement to pay money back…



Stockbrokers trade shares and other securities on behalf of investors. They are professionals working in a regulated industry generally known as the “stock market.” Only a stockbroker can execute transactions at a stock exchange, a location where stock trading occurs. So an investor must use…

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