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19 May 2024

Category: Investments


Concessionary Purchase 

Concessionary Purchase Mortgages The process of transfer of gift, or deed of gift, is a tough one in the property market. For example you may be gifting property to family members at a reduced price, which is a viable idea, and can benefit both participants…


Should I Get A Pension Or A Mortgage 

As a young person, unless you have progressed to the higher pay echelons quickly, you will have a limited amount of money left over each month after paying the typical expenses such as rent, food, utilities and travel. Despite this, you are being given messages…


Can I Cash In My Pension? 

This is a very in-depth look at the ways that you might be able to cash in some or all of your pension, but it is quite a technical subject which is why we always recommend that you seek independent, expert advice before doing anything….


Buying Shares Online 

There is hardly a single industry on earth that has not been impacted by the ever increasing importance of the internet. Almost all products, even those which were previously hard to come across, can now be found online and purchased, normally at a significantly lower…


What Shares Should I Be Buying in 2014? 

The transition between calendar years is typically when people stop, take stock, look forward and project. Financial commentators are no different, and, though the year is only a couple of days old, we’re already being flooded by a bewildering array of investment tips that are…


How Should I Save For My Grandchildren? 

With things looking tougher than ever for young people struggling to become financially independent, setting some funds aside for your grandchildren’s future could help make a real difference. When it comes to selecting a method of growing your capital, grandparents are somewhat spoiled for choice….


How Can I Keep Divorce Costs Down? 

Unfortunately, as well as being a highly emotional process, getting a divorce can also become a financial burden, costing, on average, well in excess of a £1,000. Depending on individual circumstances this figure can end up much higher but, by the same token, it is…


Spread Betting Training Guide 

What Is Financial Spread Betting? Spread betting involves speculating on the direction of a financial asset. That asset could be a share, commodity, index or option. With spread betting you do not actually purchase the financial asset you are speculating on. The spread bet is…

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