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With an estimated 30 million adults in the UK having no will in place*, it’s clear that thinking about death is not a palatable prospect.

It’s not just a lack of wills that can create problems when it comes to someone passing away, funeral costs can be a real issue too.

Many of the people without a valid will in place have also made no provision in terms of prepayment funeral plans.

With the cost of funerals rising every year, not having a prepaid plan in place could result in financial hardship for those left behind in years to come.

A funeral service can be a very individual occasion. For example, some people may want their coffin decked out in their favourite football strip, or have people singing a rock song at the service, while others may favour a more traditional approach.

Regardless of the kind of funeral you have in mind, a prepaid funeral plan can help you make it a reality.

One of the major benefits of taking out a prepaid plan is that it makes you think about exactly how you’d like your funeral to be. Many of us go for years without ever giving this particular topic any thought at all.

Regardless of whether you want a traditional send-off or something completely bespoke, you prepaid funeral plan should be flexible enough to accommodate any requests.

Benefits Of Prepayment Funeral Plans

Listed below are some of the other main reasons it’s important to put a prepaid funeral plan in place now.

Peace of mind

Prepayment funeral plans can deliver peace of mind for you and your family. Regardless of what age you are, nobody knows for sure when they’re going to pass away.

Having a plan in place will ensure your wishes are documented. This will make it easier for family and friends to organise your funeral service, and be sure that’s what you would have wanted.

Without a will or pre paid funeral plan in place, you could be leaving behind difficult situations for others, at a time when they’re already trying to cope with your loss.

Financial impact

When a close family member has died, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for their funeral.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens to thousands of people in the UK every year, where their parents, grandparents etc haven’t made any financial provision for their send-off.

Nobody likes to think about their death, but it doesn’t take long to set up prepayment funeral plans, and once it’s done, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones won’t have any financial problems as a result of having to pay for your funeral.

Rising funeral costs

As well as any potential financial impact on those left behind, rising funeral costs also make a prepayment funeral plan the sensible option. Many elements of funeral services have risen beyond inflation in the last 10 years, so it makes sense to safeguard your funeral at today’s prices, rather than wait for many years and end up paying a lot more.

The Flexibility Of Prepaid Funeral Plans

Getting a plan for your funeral does not mean everything is set in stone; you can remain flexible if you so wish and change certain things as time passes.

Paying for your plan

Prepaid funeral plans are also open to most age groups, so whether you’ve left it later in life to think about your funeral service, or have decided just to put a plan in place at a younger age for your own peace of mind, you should be able to find payment options to suit you.

Many older people decide to make their prepaid funeral payment in full, although there are also options with some providers to pay a fixed monthly amount for a set period of time (usually 1 to 3 years), or if you’re between 50 and 80, you may be able to pay a smaller monthly sum over an indefinite period.

Making changes

Just as you may want to make changes to your will as you get older and your circumstances change, you may also want to amend your funeral plans.

For example, if you take out a plan when you’re young and then get married, there may be a special song you want played from your wedding day rather than whatever you’d originally chosen.

If you’re making significant changes to your plans, you should expect that there may be additional funeral costs to pay. For example, if you had originally chosen a plain cardboard coffin, then decide you want it decorated with a favourite photo, this is going to incur an extra cost which will be passed on to you.


If you choose a national funeral provider for your prepaid plan, you may also have some flexibility when it comes to the location of your funeral. For example, if you lived in Scotland when you took out your policy but have since move to London with your family, it may be possible to have your prepaid funeral plans transferred to your new location.