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It is expected that the NHS will receive even more negligence complaints following the muddying of its reputation caused by the Stafford Hospital scandal.

Doubt over the validity of such claims will naturally begin to surface – and rightly so to an extent. Still, it is the genuine victims of medical malpractice who could suffer from this newfound scepticism and this is what concerns legal experts.

Before Stafford Hospital entered the headlines, there were still plenty of claims being filed in Britain; between 2010 and 2011, over £98million was paid out by the NHS in clinical negligence compensation (up from £42m the previous year).

Compensation is not a ‘jackpot’; one mistreatment case can permanently change the life of the victim – not to mention the lives of their family. Legal experts argue that, despite the prospective reports of a rise in scrupulous post-scandal claims, there are (and always have been) genuine people out there who deserve access to justice.

How to File a Medical Negligence Claim

The NHS explains your rights via the official website, when it comes to making a claim against it. You are legally entitled to:

  • Have your complaint dealt with efficiently and investigated thoroughly
  • Be kept up to date with the outcome of your grievance
  • Pursue the case through the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, if you’re unsatisfied with how the NHS has handled your grievance so far
  • Forward a claim for judicial review if you feel you have been directly impacted by an unlawful act or decision made by the NHS
  • Receive compensation if you have been affected

In terms of actually fighting a case – the ideal route to justice is through an experienced legal service. Personal Injury Solicitor is the trading name of Bentley’s Solicitors, who encourage genuine victims of medical negligence to get in touch, should they want to pursue and win their case.

Of course, there are a variety of clinical malpractice case-types, from cancer misdiagnosis to serious prescription error; legal firms are well-versed in handling them all. Most importantly, they adapt to industry change and will be more than prepared for the impact a scandal like Stafford Hospital may have on a jury in court.

To better the chances of successful injury claims, professional legal assistance is the single best option to take, especially against the NHS today – which is predicted to receive surplus complaints from here on in.