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15 Jun 2024

Tag: savings


Guaranteed Income Bonds 

Buying guaranteed income bonds is somewhat like placing your money into a fixed rate savings account. Your bonds will pay out a set level of interest over a pre agreed period, normally between one and five years, providing you with a guaranteed income. You can…


What You Can Learn From Game Theory 

Game theory is used to by mathematicians to calculate the best course of action to take in various strategic situations. At its most complex game theory can be used, not only by businesses and economists, but also social scientists, psychologists, philosophers and biologists. At its…


Junior ISAs Explained 

Since the Child Trust Fund scheme ended (to new applicants) in January 2011 there has been little to replace it but in November 2011 a new Junior ISA is to be introduced by the government to provide tax free savings vehicles for children. Unlike a standard ISA you can have separate cash and share-based accounts and with a much larger limit on yearly investment that CTFs, Junior ISAs seem like a good deal.


The ISA Jargon Buster 

ISAs are not always the easiest thing to get your head around and this confusion leads many to avoid them and miss out on the tax free benefits that ISAs bring. Here we attempt to demystify some of the more popular jargon surrounding ISAs from the difference between cash and investment ISAs to investment limits and risks involved.

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